Mobile cooling device:

Power Breezer is a compact cooling device, product of US company Breezer Holdings LLC. It is designed for maintaining temperature comfort of work places or places with other activities during high air temperatures. Unique technology ensures effective use of the device in harsh environments.

Power Breezer was originally developed for the needs of the US Army. The fan efficiency allows for cooling the surface of 279m2 even by as much as 15o>C. The quiet mode of operation guarantees a feeling of comfort while the device is operating.

Power Breezer Power Breezer


Patented technology:

The combination of jet engine technology and fluid dynamics creates efficient and concentrated cooling air stream. Adding atomization technology to it, which breaks up small droplets of water, ensures maximum cooling effect.

The user has a possibility to set the device according to his own preferences. The option of rotational movement of the fan head and adjustment of the airflow force makes it easy to adapt to the prevailing ambient conditions.

For its work it is necessary to provide power supply and fill the tank with water.



Guarantee of quality:

Operation of the device in military conditions is very demanding. Power Breezer was designed on anti-corrosion parts. The design of the device is resistant to rain, sand, dust, high temperatures and humidity. The swivel wheels allow easy movement of the device.

Completely filling the tank with water allows 5 days of operation.

An additional advantage is the total lack of any filters.



Versatile purpose:

The use of the device depends on the customer's needs. The product's capabilities will be used both indoors and outdoors.

Wherever there is a need to lower the air temperature for both humans and animals.

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Occupational Health and Safety:

High temperature is a serious hazard at work. The employee's productivity during hot days decreases drastically. Heat stress can occur even in well-ventilated rooms. This is due to the increased temperature during the operation of heavy machinery and other local heat sources. The negative effect of working in the heat is reduced human efficiency. Power Breezer will improve the safety of working conditions by lowering the ambient temperature. This will reduce the risk of accidents and errors. Ensuring comfortable working conditions will benefit employees and bring financial benefits.

Breezer sound levels:

Distance/power setting 50,00% 75,00% 100,00%
1.8 m 60-63 dB 71-74 dB 77-79 dB
1.6 m 59-61 dB 67-70 dB 71-74 dB

Examples of sound levels in everyday life:

lowest audible sound 0 dB
quiet whisper 30 dB
normal conversation 60-70 dB
telephone dialing signal 80 dB
street traffic in the city 85 dB
train noise from a distance 150m 90 dB
running metro from a distance 60m 95 dB
snow scooter, motor 100 dB
working mower from a distance 1m 107 dB



Care for the environment:


Power Breezer does not use chemical refrigerants. Only air and water are used.


Free access to the water tank facilitates cleaning and maintenance of the device.


The lack of filters in the device is a big advantage. The air is clean and fresh. Does not generate waste.


The device does not exceed the permissible noise level even with the highest fan speed.